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1st Annual Prose Contest Results . . .


Thank you to all who entered and gave us this opportunity to read and consider your work. We hope to host many more contests over the course of many more years, so it is exciting for us to have received such a large and impressive, wide-ranging pool of submissions right out of the starting gate. Thank you again for considering us as a possible home for your work.

We are pleased to announce that Molly Gaudry has selected Liz Scheid’s Blue Hearts: Notes on Loss, Motherhood, Language, & Other Things for publication as the winner of The Lit Pub’s 1st Annual Prose Contest. Blue Hearts will release in time for AWP 2013 in Boston.

1st Finalist:
Sire Lines of America by Adam Peterson

2nd Finalist:
Still Places to Go by Paige Taggart

Honorable Mentions:
by Zack Powers
Collected Alex by A. T. Grant
Familiar Animal Engines by Gina Keicher
Toro! A Memoir in Essays by Chris Wiewiora

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