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Molly Gaudry

Founder and Creative Director of The Lit Pub [email protected]

Book Lovers

Why recommendations? Why not reviews?

Because our mission is to promote awareness about books we love.

Do you blog about other things, or just book recommendations?

In addition to books, we also recommend literary magazines and offer exclusive author interviews.

I'd like to write a recommendation, but I'm not a published author.

We are committed to creating opportunities for all writers regardless of publication history. While we are very lucky to have recommendations from successful, accomplished authors, we appreciate how difficult it is to get your foot in the door. Give us a shot.


What are you looking for?

We want your best full-length prose manuscript (including, and not limited to: novels, novellas, memoirs, lyric essays, story collections, prose poems and/or flash fictions).

When and how can I submit? 

We are not running the contest this year, but please check back later for updates.

Usually, our open reading period is from June 1-30 of every year. We create a Submittable category for "Prose Manuscripts" where you can upload yours. The winner is announced no later than September 15.

I have more questions but you didn't answer them. 

Email us.


So what we're really talking about here is advertising, right? 


OK. Do you have an option for publishers or authors who don't have much of an ad budget? 

We'll happily consider ad swaps for print or web.

We don't have a ton of subscribers or get a lot of traffic. Can we still talk?

Email us. We've got tiered pricing plans.

I don't want to advertise. Just tell me how I can support The Lit Pub.

Wonderful! Email Molly Gaudry for more info.