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Thomas Patrick Levy

Thomas Patrick Levy hates writing biographical statements. His dream is to write a program that will generate his on demand. When this dream is realized he will be so happy. He will distribute the code to this computer program for free because like every boy he wants to live a pirate's life.


"Never has a stalker's love poem been so full of panic, so brimming with dance and the open-teeth of traps. Levy's words are words I want to wrap up in, to nestle dangerously until I fall asleep, dreaming of Scarlett Johansson."

– J. A. Tyler, author of A Man of Glass & All the Ways We Have Failed



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Please Don't Leave Me Scarlett Johansson

In Please Don’t Leave Me Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Patrick Levy shows us what we want: connection, sex, power over others.


“O Scarlett I don’t know what mountains these are,” but I know longing when I see it.

Longing for connection “when I swim into your white dress.”

Longing for pain in footsteps “still pressed across my chest,” longing for release in lipstick that can explode a face.

“And sometimes Scarlett I am afraid to touch you with these hands I’ve broken over steering wheels.”

There is brokenness here.

A sweaty shaking heart.

A radio moaning.

A man cut “into equal mounds of dough.”

And there is sex. Heels braced against bedposts, tongues like kite strings. Berry-flavored hips. “A strong ocean of paint spilling out from the fold of your neck when I kiss you.”

In Please Don’t Leave Me Scarlett Johansson, Thomas Patrick Levy shows us what we want: connection, sex, power over others.

He shows us what we fear: loneliness, unfulfilled longing, that we don’t even have power over ourselves.

He shows us who we are.

Read this book.

Find out.

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1 Comment

  1. brian warfield said on 10/19/11 at 2:27 am Reply

    i just got this book and read it really quickly because i’ve been wanting it for a while now, seeing it on the internet. and when i got it i sat down and read each facing page like stacks of slides that wanted to show unto me some specimen. and when i finished it i knew that i would have to read it again because there was just so much trundled into those tiny pages. and i thought about fame and scarlett and anonymity and repetition. i thought about prayers.


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