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Stephen Graham Jones

Stephen Graham Jones is the author of five novels, including the award-winning FC2 novels The Fast Red Road and The Bird is Gone, and one award-winning short story collection, Bleed Into Me. He teaches fiction at the University of Colorado at Boulder.


"Stephen Graham Jones's Ledfeather unfolds like an automobile accident in slow motion. The novel's moments of drama expand continuously and seamlessly to include the historical past and to prefigure the present. He writes with a compelling sense of omnipresent danger and the fragility of human survival, and the reality he creates is riveting."

– Barry Lopez

Ledfeather is a tragic, complex yet intriguing story of life on the reservation, today and in the past, told in what might be termed the McSweeney stream-of-consciousness style.

– Denver Post


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"I remember you."


I picked up Ledfeather again and opened to that page before it starts where all it says is, “I remember you,” and I was hooked all over again, for the third time, never the last time, and the next thing I knew, the sun was rising and my heart was breaking, but in a good way, the way that resurrects you, that shows you everything you forgot to pay attention to, forgot to remember, and I closed it because it was done, again, finished for the third time, and I could’ve turned back to page one and began again, which is how the first two readings happened, in consecutive days, because this book burns you, burrows deep, and smolders, lives, reconnects cells, and balances chemistry.

If I had had this book when I was sixteen, I wonder if things would’ve been different. I wonder if this could’ve saved me the way Crime and Punishment brought me a sort of salvation, though it had to first consume and destroy me. This book, though, Ledfeather, it will save a life, it will change a life, and it will whisper to you across a century, through the forgotten dreams and lives, and the face of Doby Saxon will forever cling to the retinas, his face whited out by headlights, his hand reaching through the windshield, and you’ll fall apart with his story.

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1 Comment

  1. Richard Thomas said on 12/31/11 at 11:29 am Reply

    Yeah, I really loved this book. Like much of SGJs work it is elusive at times, ethereal, but by the time you get to the end, his hypnotic voice has lulled you into something, a trance, while splitting open your chest and stealing your heart. Loved this book. I think it’s #2 on his list of books, for me, with All the Beautiful Sinners still holding a special place for me. Great review, Eddy. I always like to see where we align.


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