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Mark Leidner

Mark Leidner is the author of The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover (Sator Press, 2011), a book of aphorisms, and Beauty Was the Case that They Gave Me (Factory Hollow Press, 2011), a book of poetry. He grew up in Georgia and now lives in Northampton, Massachusetts.


"Such a truly lovely book in all respects."

– Dennis Cooper

"Mark Leidner is a poet and my favorite person on Twitter, just a constant source of amazing little images and aphorisms. I've read this book straight through beginning to end once each night since I got it last week."

– Ben Loory

"Leidner’s aphorisms are big bangs struck on the heads of matchsticks still stuck in their book, waiting for curious fingers to tear them out. This is a burning book, its flames mutable, galactic and expanding."

– Eric Beeny

"I couldn’t help but think on almost every page, if this were a tweet I would favorite it."

– Darby Larson

"Better than Basho, Epictetus or Heraclitus."

– Ty Melgren

"If I had to a select a celestial pilot to steer this sandwich shoppe called America into the sun, it'd be Lodewyk van Berquem of Brugge, Belgium, who invented diamond cutting. The co-pilot would be Mark Leidner. I am in love with him as a human."

– Blake Butler



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The Angel In the Dream of Our Hangover

Mark Leidner Is the Boss of Me


Mark Leidner does a boss non sequitur. He is the boss of boss non sequiturs. I am pretty sure adding an S to a Latin word doesn’t actually make it plural? If you need boss proof, please go away and read “The Awesomest Bagel,” which I read in the shower of an old apartment and read every day for two years, except for the days when I didn’t shower. Then come back and keep reading this page here. Oops, you’re already gone. That’s okay, I am pretty sure plenty of the other people can’t read instructions like you can.

Real talk: I have been in love with Mark Leidner since I was 16 years old and had a LiveJournal and discovered his LiveJournal and had vigorous marriage-based fantasies about him. That is seven years of love and counting. He was a member of a poetry community where, to get in, you had to submit three poems and the members would critique them and  vote on whether you should be allowed to join. Mark Leidner voted “yes” on my application and that is still the best part of my life so far.

So the aphorisms in The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover kind of feel like Mark hair I’ve been collecting from a Mark brush, and I do mean that in the best way possible. They are precious and mysterious, which probably a lot of things in Harry Potter are too? If you liked Harry Potter, you’ll love The Angel in the Dream of Our Hangover, I am pretty sure.

Check out just one of these bad boys: “aphorism pithily opens a window between the known and the not; nevermind it is winter.” Does it immediately remind me of Game of Thrones and how they really need to get rid of that excruciatingly boring Night’s Watch storyline because I can no longer stand to watch Jon Snow and his dumb boring sad face? Yes. Is it also really freaking “beautiful, like putting on a gold suit and going to sleep in it”? Yes. Do I watch too much TV? Absolutely. There’s  no hope left for me, but if you are interested in delaying the decay of your own brain, I hear that books are good for that. This one is even small and easy to read, which is a plus if your brain is half decayed, or three quarters.

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  1. yrfriendliz said on 09/20/11 at 2:41 pm Reply

    Mark Leidner has one of my favorite Twitter accounts! Also these aphorisms “feel like Mark hair I’ve been collecting from a Mark brush.” God that’s great.


  2. Jordan Blum said on 09/30/11 at 8:01 pm Reply

    This review is, um, boss, and full of awesome-ness. Tons of energy too (I can feel your excitement in discussing the author and his work). I never had a Livejournal, but my Xanga still makes me laugh at my high school self.


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