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Matthew Savoca & Kendra Grant Malone

Matthew Savoca was born in 1982 and now splits his time between Philadelphia and New York. His first book of poetry is long love poem with descriptive title. Kendra Grant Malone was born in 1984. Her first book of poetry, Everything is Quiet, was published in 2010. She lives in Brooklyn.


"I took two sleeping pills at midnight and opened up Morocco. It’s 3:19."

– Giancarlo DiTrapano, editor of New York Tyrant

"Morocco is a brutally spare document of an amalgam of emotions wrought from bodies wrecked by love finding love again in one another. Somehow Malone & Savoca have together found a way to speak of urine & bruising & webcam erections & complex guilt in the same breath as longing & waiting & commiseration & many other more nameless emotions evoked through a kind of rare space between people that help keep us hungry & alive. The result is moving and surprisingly candid & funny & hurtful by turns, in the end producing something larger & more honest than so many elucidations of waking love contained in language could ever be."

– Blake Butler, author of Nothing: A Portrait of Insomnia

"It’s easy to be a cynic when it comes to poetry. Like, “It’s all been done before, so why bother?” I guess that I was feeling cynical for days (weeks, months, years, lifetimes) before reading Morocco by Kendra Grant Malone and Matthew Savoca, but after reading their book I felt awash in the new. A new cool stream of poetry where anything is possible. Where words become perception, where we feel with words as if the sounds of language are our hands once more. Isn’t that what we want from poetry? To bloom again. That’s what I want. I know that’s what you want, too. Read this book."

– Dorothea Lasky, author of Black Life

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Morocco Is Not A Noun


Knowing both Kendra and Matthew knowing parts of their history together knowing them individually knowing them personally is a pleasure. Knowing the color of their eyes knowing that one likes to lean back while the other sits up during a conversation on Skype knowing the way either of them smokes a cigarette knowing the regular tones of their voices. Being a part of their history their history of their love their history together and how that history came to be and what that meant and what that means and what that will mean. With Morocco they offer that to anyone they offer a written history that shows pieces of their similarities that shows pieces of their differences from each other and from us. That they wrote poems to each other while living in different cities that they wrote poems to each other while together in the same city that they wrote poems to each other at all is important to their shared history is important to our shared history. Redefining seemingly insignificant moments in the story of their history is how their Morocco begins to surprisingly form.

i’ve been trying to
watch children walk
lately, to see exactly
what you meant
by that

Many histories of love start rapidly they start so fast that they will always finish. They start too fast and then they finish and that is the end of that particular history of love. Morocco is a history of love that has an end but not a finish. Morocco is a history of love that starts gradually that started more gradual than most other histories of love that finish fast. Morocco is a history of love that ends without a finish. Defining the space between them is how Kendra and Matthew make their Morocco the story of their history is made from instants that most others would let go would let pass un-noticed.

the moment we moved beyond
whatever we were
to whatever we are now
happened when you pushed
on my bladder
and i fell down

Many histories of love have been written before. Many written histories of love involve stories of love written from within stories of love written around stories of love. Many written histories of love have been remarkable and such stories of love are the exciting ones. With so many histories of love written before writing a history of love seems an easy thing to do. Writing an exciting history of love is not an easy thing to do. In their history of love Kendra and Matthew write a history of love that makes a history of love that is exciting and that is interesting. Their history of love shows many stories of love some that have been written before and many more that have not. Some that may seem familiar to us and some that may not. Their written history of love is interesting because we do not know necessarily which person is writing their history of love at any given moment within their story of love. Their written history of love is exciting because we come to understand how each of their histories of love is entwined to make one mutual history of love. Kendra and Matthew take their own history of love take their own histories of love and make one complete history of love. From many histories of love they make one a very remarkable and exciting one. Such a history of love is what is needed now and always.

it would be a pity if i ended up
murdering you in your sleep

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  1. Brian said on 02/04/12 at 2:54 am Reply

    i saw kendra and matthew read from this the other night. kendra has this dead-pan way of reading. she reads about blowjobs matter of factly. matthew told joke stories and read texts he received from kendra while she was on the megabus. things like: “i’m so hungry. should i eat the driver?” kendra was wearing red lipstick. i saw them before the reading at the coffee shop that they go to in it’s always sunny in philadelphia. i looked at kendra’s lipstick.


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